How to Change Outlook Data File Display Name in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010

admin | September 27th, 2016 | Technology

Outlook PST file itself is derived as Personal Storage Table of Outlook. When it is a personal storage, then it should have a personal display name also – Let us learn the simple steps on how to change display name of an Outlook Data File (PST File).

Prior to Outlook 2010, by default the display name of PST files is – Personal Folders. If user have multiple PST files from various versions of Outlook, then it can be confusing to have similar display name. Get the idea about how to give a descriptive display name for each Outlook Data file.

1. Open Outlook Email Client
2. Right Click on the “Personal Folder” displayed at top of the folder pane

Outlook Data File Properties
3. Select option “Data File Properties
4. Get into the Outlook Today – [Personal Folders] Properties Window
5. Click on the Advanced Button to Proceed
6. Outlook Data File Pane Will be Displayed
7. General Entries will be shown with Name, File Name, Format, etc.
8. In the Name Box Rename Display Name with Your Choice


9. Click Apply
10. Click Ok

Now, get the PST file Name displayed with the New Display Name given by you.

Manual method to change display name of Outlook Data file is easy – But what if you have multiple PST files to be renamed with new display name ?

Following the manual method, one PST file at a time can be selected and renamed with new Outlook Data file display name. This process is easy to understand and execute. But, it will be tough when user have multiple PST files and each of them have to be named with different display names all in one go. To make this time consuming, effort taking process to change Outlook Data file name in the folder pane in bulk an easy one, there are third party applications like – Turgs Software.