Errors Have Been Detected in Outlook OST file! What Next?

admin | December 7th, 2016 | Technology

Outlook stores its data in OST (Outlook Storage Table) files when it is used in synchronization with Exchange server. Moreover, these OST files enable the Outlook users to work in an offline mode. Internet connectivity either can be deliberately disconnected or might be unavailable in case the user is outdoor. In any of the case, the user can save all the changes made in the OST file. Once the connection is re-established, Exchange server synchronizes with Outlook and all the changes made in the OST file are reflected in Outlook.

However, this smooth functioning of OST file may be interrupted at times. This may at times lead to occurrence of a number of errors. In such situations, the most common thought the user has is errors have been detected in Outlook OST file! What Next? In this blog, we will answer such queries and will suggest methods by which such errors can be avoided in the future.

Common Errors Detected In OST File

Some of the most common errors that arise in Outlook OST file are:

  • OST file Internal error (error code=00000003)
  • Error code 0x8004103b
  • Service-specific error (0x0) 0
  • Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0
  • Error message/c5e20916-9359-43fc-9bd9

The above-mentioned errors mainly occur when the synchronization process of Exchange server and Outlook is interrupted due to many errors. There are a number of factors, which affect this synchronization process. They are mainly categorized into Hardware and Software issues.

  • Hardware Issues: Hardware issues are a result of issues in the hard drive, which stores the OST file. Corruption of the hard drive sector in which the OST file is stored, leads to corruption of the file. In addition to this, issues in routers, wires, cables, etc. connecting the Exchange server, also corrupts OST file.
  • Software Issues: software issues comprise of those issues, which occur in Outlook program. Due to sudden power failure or closure of Outlook application in an inappropriate manner, the OST file may get corrupted. In addition to this, virus intrusion in the user machine, also play a role in corrupting the OST file.

How To Remove OST File Errors?

Since OST file errors are the result of corruption of these files, they can only be removed when the OST file data is recovered and saved in a new file. There are manual methods, which enable the users to repair the OST file. However, these solutions do not turn out to be very useful as they may end up in deleting data from the OST file. Therefore, deploying third party applications like Turgs OST Wizard turns out to be a better option for recovering data from OST files. The software recovers the entire data from the OST file and saves it in a new and healthy PST file. This file can be later on imported in Outlook and the data can be accessed from it without any encountering any errors. Therefore, whenever errors are encountered while accessing OST file, deploy the software and work with OST file without any errors.


Errors in the data file create a hurdle in work continuity. Most of time users face various errors after understanding this; we have discussed a way to resolve the occurrence of error with a trouble-free way that makes easy for them to resolve the errors.