Learn Ways to Import Email Outlook 2011 Mac To Postbox

admin | January 9th, 2017 | Technology

In this blog post, we have suggested ways with the help of which you can easily import email Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox email client. However, before moving on to that section let us just gain some information on Postbox and the need, which ultimately leads to the import of emails.

Postbox and Outlook 2011 Mac

Postbox is a commercial email client based on Thunderbird version 7.0.2 and does not possess an open source license. Although it is based on Thunderbird, there are many additional features in Postbox like its integration with web services like Facebook, Flickr, Gravatar, Picasa, etc. Postbox stores its mailbox data like emails, contacts, etc. in MBOX files.

Outlook is one of the most popular email clients supported be different operating systems. Outlook 2011 Mac is MS Outlook, which is supported in Mac operating system. Outlook 2011 Mac stores its mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. in OLM file (Outlook for Mac).

Need To Import email Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox

Reasons can be many, but the basic need for importing mails from Mac to Postbox usually arises when a user is looking forward for a cross-platform migration. After migration, users usually want to keep continuing with the previous mails. Therefore, when a user migrates from Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox he tends to import all the mails to Postbox mailbox. Since the direct importing is not possible as both the email clients support distinguished file formats, certain procedures need to be followed.

Techniques to Perform Data Migration

There are different ways to perform the data conversion as discussed below:

Check before Manually Migrating

The process to import email Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox can be carried out manually. However, before this, a check should be done on the key points mentioned below.

  • If the Outlook 2011 Mac account is configured with IMAP protocol, then there is no need for manually migrating mailbox to Postbox. Postbox will directly download all the folders and mails from Outlook Mac.
  • In case, Outlook 2011 Mac uses POP3, then Postbox will download all the emails from inbox folder. Emails from other folder will have to be manually migrated to Postbox.
  • If all your mails of Outlook 2011 Mac are stored in your local machine, then they will be migrated manually to Postbox.

Method 1: Manually Import Email Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox

  1. Exit Postbox if it is running.
  2. In Outlook 2011 Mac, click the folder that you want to migrate.
  3. Select Edit option.
  4. Click on Select All option to select the emails in that folder.
  5. In a Mac finder Window, create a temporary folder.
  6. Drag and drop the mails from selected folder to this folder.
  7. Now open Postbox and download Export Import Tools add-on from the add-on list for Postbox.
  8. After installation of the add-on, select Import All EML Files from a Directory option.
  9. All the mails will be migrated to the local folder of Postbox.


It is a time consuming as well as lengthy method to perform the data conversion. Moreover, there are the chances of data loss as well.

Method 2: Expert Solution

To overcome the limitations of above method users can utilize third party application that can efficiently import email Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox. One such utility is Mac Mail Wizard that directly converts Outlook 2011 Mac mails to EML format. The EML file can then be easily imported into Postbox account by Import option. The utility reduces the extra efforts required to manually convert Outlook Mac mails to EML format. It preserves the original structure of the mails and no compromise is done with the formatting. You can name the name of the EML file according to your wish and then import it in Postbox with the same name.


There are numerous of situations arises in front of them due to which they need to import their crucial data from Outlook 2011 Mac to Postbox. After understanding this, we have discussed the way to perform conversion in an efficient manner.