Find Out How to Open OST into PDF

admin | November 17th, 2016 | MS Exchange & Outlook

Are you planning to share your OST file data with a colleague of yours? Are you looking forward for a format that will safely secure your OST data? If yes, then the format that will fit your needs in the best possible way is PDF aka Portable Document Format. In this blog, you will get to know about the method by which this task can be accomplished. In addition, the scenarios that lead to this conversion have also been discussed in detail.

Glimpse of OST and PDF

We are very well aware of the fact that OST files are related to MS Outlook. These files are used to store Outlook data when the users work in an offline mode. One fact that most of the Outlook users remain unaware of is that an OST file is bound to the profile for which it is created. When an OST file is created two encryption keys are created-one that resides on the server and the other that is present with the OST file. When an OST file is synchronized with the server, both the keys are matched. If the keys match, then synchronization is done successfully and if the matching fails, the OST files become inaccessible. Therefore, to make these OST files accessible one can look forward to a format that can store the OST File data. In such case PDF, files serve to be the most appropriate format for storing the OST files. PDF files are portable, highly secured and can be easily shared over the web. This makes the PDF file a format worth using.

Why Open OST In PDF File?

At times, it happens that the Outlook user who stores his entre data in an OST file is leaving the organization. Since he cannot take the OST File with him (due to the profile dependency issue), the user may want to take the data in a different form. In addition, in case the data residing within OST files needs to be shared with others, user will need to do this with the help of a different file format.

PDF files serve all the above purposes. The user can convert the OST file in PDF format, open OST to PDF and can take it with him. Since the PDF files are highly secured, there are no chances that the data will be disclosed in front of others. On the contradiction if you willingly want to share your data with others, then PDF files will also help you to do so. You can easily transfer the PDF file over the web and then only it can be shared with others.

How to Open OST into PDF?

Since we have learnt so much about the PDF file, it is obvious to have a question in our mind- How to open OST into PDF?  A simple and the most appropriate solution to this is OST Wizard. It is a third party application that is designed to convert OST file into PDF format. Since there are no manual methods for importing .ost into .pdf, the software is the ultimate solution. It efficiently converts OST file into PDF format. Moreover, in case your PDF files have gone corrupted, the tool will recover the OST file and will convert it into a healthy PDF file. Thus, it is the most efficacious tool to repair OST to PDF and for OST to PDF conversion.


PDF is the safest and secure file format to store data. Therefore, most of the Outlook users need to convert their data to Adobe PDF file format. In the above- discussion, we have discussed the same and a way is discussed that makes easy for users to perform the conversion.