Have A Look Why People Choose Outlook Over Lotus Notes?

admin | December 8th, 2016 | Technology

Once I was discussing about Lotus Notes with a friend of mine, when the other one suddenly asked “What?? Is it still in use?” This is the common reaction of people nowadays when they are asked if they still work with Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes, which was considered to be one of the most efficacious and advanced email client of its times, has lost its spark in the present arena. There are many reasons due to which the users prefer other email clients over it and this has ultimately led to a sudden decrease in the number of Lotus Notes users.

On the other side of the fence, in today’s arena MS Outlook is one of the most used email clients by users worldwide. Be it personal or business emailing, MS Outlook is ideal for all. That is why Outlook is more preferred by users than Lotus Notes. In this write up, we will illustrate some of the reasons because of which people choose Outlook over Lotus Notes. Take a look!

Outlook Vs Lotus Notes

There are certain factors which makes MS Outlook more preferable over Lotus Notes. They are:

  • Difficult To Understand User Interface
    The user interface of Lotus Notes is not at all user friendly. A novice user can take up a lot of time in understanding just the basic functions of email client. The options in the task bar being not accompanied by the text makes it difficult to understand what the button is for.

    On the other hand, the user interface of Outlook is quiet intuitive and the user can grasp each function in very less amount of time. All the options in the interface are accompanied with text and thus users can easily know which button performs what kind task.

  • Compromise With Original Formatting
    In Lotus Notes a user cannot paste the data without encountering any change in the data format. For instance, an Excel sheet pasted in an email bode of Lotus Notes will get pasted as a picture and not as a table. Moreover, the image resolution of the Excel sheet will be of low resolution.

    On the contrary, MS Outlook keeps the original data formatting intact, if some data is pasted in a mail body. This enables the user to send the data in its original form.

  • Automatic Search Not Available
    Lotus Notes does not offer the option of searching for particular mails in its interface. In case you want to search for a mail that contains a certain keyword, you will have to search for it manually.

    MS Outlook, on the other hand, offers search feature. In case you want to search a mail containing some keyword, you can type the keyword in the search bar and all the mails containing the mentioned keyword will be shown to you.

  • Inability To Forward Calendar Invites
    Suppose you received a calendar invite from your boss and he has asked you to forward it to others. Lotus Notes does not offer the option to forward calendar invites. Therefore in such case you need to create a calendar invite on your own and then you will be able to forward it.

    In MS Outlook, a user can easily forward the calendar invites that he has received from some other user. This saves the user’s time and extra efforts that would have been used while creating a new calendar invite.

  • Maintenance Issues In Notes
    The maintenance revenue for Lotus Notes is quiet high. Since it serves to be a platform for a large number of other applications, using Lotus Notes just for the sake of emailing is not a smart choice.

    Outlook on the other hand is made available as a part of MS Office suite and thus does not require large investment on the organization’s or an individual’s part.


Outlook and Lotus Notes both the different email application for the data management. In the present arena most of the users prefer Outlook more as compare to Lotus Notes. After understanding this, we have discussed the similar thing in the above discussion that why people choose Outlook over Lotus Notes so, that they can understand in a relevant way.