Signature Images Not Sending in Outlook 2013

admin | November 8th, 2016 | MS Exchange & Outlook

Recently, one of my colleagues complained about the signature images not sending to the recipients. According to him, the image looked perfect while message creation, but was not being received in the same manner by the recipients. Since we recently upgraded to Outlook 2013, we thought that the issue had something to do with the new version itself. In addition, what we thought actually turned out to be true.

It is to be noted that Outlook 2013 comes with some changes, in the way the linked pictures are handled. Unlike the previous versions, Outlook 2013 linked pictures are not embedded in the emails. The pictures are only linked.

What Happens To Signature Images In Outlook 2013?

It is known that signatures in Outlook are in HTML format. However, what goes unnoticed is the fact that HTML signatures do not contain the image files themselves. On the contrary, they only include the HTML code that refers to the location of the images.

In Outlook versions before Outlook 2013, these pictures were placed within the message itself while sending and the reference was changed to an internal resource. However, from Outlook 2013, the pictures are not embedded in the emails and are maintained as links only. This means that the signature will include a reference of the picture, which will be visible to the recipient. However, since the image is stored locally rather than online, the recipient will not have the picture on his computer and hence will see a broken image icon instead of the original image.

Outlook Email Signature Image Not Showing: Reason

The issue is seen to occur in Outlook when the users create signatures manually in an HTML editor instead of creating them in Outlook Signature Editor. Since the HTML tags used in Outlook Signature Editor enables, the signature image to be identified at the recipient’s end, signatures created manually are not identified.

In addition, the issue is also experienced when the user signature is generated automatically via corporate scripts.


There are two solutions for the discussed issue. They are:

  1. The first solution is to recreate the signature in Outlook Signature Editor. This will enable the signature images to be visible in the email at the recipient’s end.
  2. The second solution involves configuring Outlook 2013 to embed the entire linked pictures in the emails while sending. This is done by making changes in the registry.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

  • Open Run
  • Open Registry Editor by entering regedit in the box.
  • Browse to the following registry key.
  • Do right click and select New
  • Select DWORD (32-bit) Value from the drop-down menu.
  • Name the value as Send Pictures With Document
    Note: Take care of the spaces between the words and the spaces between them.
  • Right click on the value and select Modify option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Value Data box enter the 1 and click on OK.
  • Exit Registry Editor.


The issue comes as a surprise to the Outlook users who have been successfully sending their manually created HTML signatures with their images to other users. However, with the help of the above-mentioned solutions, the users can get rid of the situation when Outlook signature logo not showing and easily send their signature images.