Read Corrupt PST File In Absence Of MS Outlook Environment

admin | November 18th, 2016 | Technology

PST or Personal Storage Tables are the database files of MS Outlook created by default in order to store the data residing in Outlook. This data comprises of emails, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, etc., that a user works with in Outlook. Since this PST file is the default format of Outlook, therefore it will only open with Outlook. No other application, whatsoever, will be able to open PST file. Moreover, a corrupt PST file cannot be accessed by the user even if MS outlook is installed in the machine.

In this blog, we will focus on the solution with the assistance of which we can access and read corrupt PST file. In addition, we will discuss some of the probable reasons, which render a PST file in a corrupted state.

Reasons Of PST File Corruption

Alike to any other computer database file, Outlook PST file is also prone to corruption. There are many reasons responsible for this and we have compiled all of them to give you a better understanding:

  • Hardware Issues

Hardware issues, which corrupt PST file, include failure of storage device or hard disk in storing the PST file. Any damage to the hard drive sector storing the PST file can corrupt PST file up to a great extent. Also accessing PST file via remote connection is also a probable reason for PST file corruption.

  • Software Issues

Overwriting of a healthy PST file with garbage data corrupts PST file up to a great extent.  Faulty data recovery tools sometimes corrupt database files and can delete PST file residing on the system.

  • Virus Intrusion

Virus or bug intrusions in the user machine are largely responsible for corrupting PST file. These virus and bugs intrude in the PST file and makes the data residing in the file corrupted.

  • Improper Outlook Shutdown

Shutting down Outlook in an improper manner, without saving PST file data may tend to corrupt PST file and end up in making data residing in the file inaccessible.

  • Sudden Power Surge

Abrupt system shutdown also plays a role in corrupting PST file. In case of abrupt power failure, the PST file on which the user is working may get corrupted.

How To Read Corrupt PST File

Even though there are both manual and third party solution available to read a corrupt PST file, manual solutions are less preferred due to their inefficiency. The manual solutions usually delete the corrupt data in the PST file and generate a PST file, which does not have complete data. Therefore, deploying a third party solution is a wise choice to read corrupt PST file.

One such solution named Turgs Free PST Viewer recovers the data of corrupted PST file without deleting any data and gives a complete preview. It gives a preview of all the data items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. present in the Outlook .pst file. Moreover, the tool does not require the installation of MS Outlook to read the PST file. Therefore, you can also read corrupt PST file on a machine, which does not have MS Outlook environment.

The greatest benefit that comes with this solution is it is free of cost availability. The tool can be downloaded for free and can be used to access data residing in the corrupt PST file. With all such great features, it serves to be a great solution to access corrupt PST file. Moreover, if the users need to store their recovered data file after viewing in a healthy form then, they can upgrade the Pro version PST Wizard by a little investment.


There are numerous of reasons due to which PST files are corrupted and in return, it creates a stoppage in the working. In the above- discussion, we have discussed a way to recover, open and read the corrupted Outlook .pst data file in a healthy way.