How to Automatically Move all Email Messages in Specific Folder in Outlook

admin | October 1st, 2016 | Technology

In Microsoft Outlook, creating a rule is the best option to manage our email message in a structured way. When we create a rule, it automatically performs the rule based on condition that you specified in the rule.

In Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010

  • Click on Rules under Home tab and then click “Manage Rules and Alerts
  • Click on “New Rule” New Rule

In Outlook 2007

  • Under Tools Menu, click on “Rules and Alerts
  • Click on “New Rule” New Rule

Now, follow the simple steps to create a rule for moving all emails from specific senders to a folder in Outlook.

1. Click on “Move messages from someone to a folder” and hit “Next” button.

Select Template

2. In this dialog box, you will see two steps:

step 1: Select condition(s)

“from people or distribution list” or “from public or public group” should be selected as shown in given below image.

step 2: Edit the rule description

Click on “People or distribution list” or “people or public group” and select the email addresses from your address book or simply type it.

Now, click on “specified” word and select already created folder or create a new folder.

Rules Wizard Options

3.  Click on “Next” button. You can select more conditions for this rule. When done click on “Next” button.

4. “Finish rule setup

Specify a name for this rule and select the rule options. Hit on “Finish” button.

Specify a Name and Setup Rule Options

This is the simple method to organize email messages in a better way. You can apply more conditions for specific words, messages, etc. If you have doubt at any point, feel free to comment.