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Turgs maintains certain terms and condition for their users. Please read all the Terms of Use carefully before proceeding to the official website. The further usage of site, its software, or its services are offered to bound, you to follow all the terms, which are implied by the company. In case of any disagreement, kindly do not continue the utilization of website andall its services.

Terms & Services

www.turgs.com is a registered organization, having all the copyrights to its software and services, which are offered. The organization holds all the copyrights of the images, content, and software, which are provided on the website. Any kind of recreation, reproduction, duplication of any content, or products will not be entertained. In that case, the company has whole rights to take legal action against the involved individual.

Electronic Communication

When the users access the website or avails any product or service from us, it states that their grant to have both way of communication in future. We can reach to users via newsletters, mails, posts, etc. The communication may be in reference to new software promotion, service related to issues that includes invoices or estimates.

Terms & Conditions Breaching

Any kind of intentional or unintentional violation of the above-mentioned terms and conditions by the users are unacceptable. In certain situation, the company holds right to:

  • Issue warnings to the users
  • Temporary suspend their complete access to site
  • Suspend services for downloaded software
  • Take a legal action in the court
  • Permanent denial of service from the site

Product & Services

The website provides the complete description of all the software offered by Turgs. All the products work according to the mentioned features and specifications. However, company is not responsible for any kind of damage or malware that is encountered while downloading the tool from the official site.