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Turgs has simplified the technology by offering a trouble-free solution for wider data related issues such as data recovery, data restoration, data migration, data loss, data backup, etc. It has also established itself in the advance sphere of Digital Forensics and Cloud Backup that creates it user's eminent selection for products and services.

About Turgs®

Turgs has ascended as a prestigious and an industry leader in the expansive domain of data recovery. In this digital era, data plays an important role for every end user or for an organization. Being the electronic data, users face major issues such as data corruption, data loss, etc. that creates a sense of hopelessness among them. To ease the users, we have emerged out with an approach to simply handle their precious data in a judicious way. We provide solutions for all groups of users: personal as well as business related arena.

Turgs works in two different units to support the users according to their requirement of data solution:

1. Turgs Products: A number of trustworthy softwares are offered by the organization that ensures to resolve every data related issue. We are identified for giving trusted solution in three main domains:

  • Data Recovery We provide efficient data recovery solution for both Windows as well as MAC Operating system. The automated tools can be wisely utilized to retrieve the data from different file formats without losing any data. Proficient recovery fixes are also delivered for any extent of inaccessible files.
  • Cloud Backup Complete qualitative tools for Cloud backup maintenance is promised by our Cloud backup softwares. Users can safely backup their crucial cloud data and easily manage cloud data with few simple steps of the software.
  • Digital Forensics We have come up with vast range of digital forensics solutions to help the experts in performing investigation in an easy and justified way. The automated forensics softwares help in analyzing various suspected problems within no time.

2. Turgs Services: Turgs provides another service where users can easily reach to our experience data experts and get the data management done within a specified time. Our team provides assistance in the following domains:

  • Recovery Service This service involves recovery of the data from highly corrupted devices such as flash drives, hard drive, Pen Drive, USBs, etc. We guarantee that no data loss will be encountered during the recovery of data.
  • Cloud Service Our skilled team provides to take the backup of complete cloud data by using the automated Cloud Backup softwares. A complete help is provided for transferring the cloud data to local system or device and vice-versa.
  • Forensics Support The professional experts investigate the forensic cases by utilizing the automated solutions. After analyzing the complete scenario, a valid solution or conclusion is recommended by them.

Why Choose Turgs? Turgs focuses by offering easy-to-utilize, efficient, and cost-effective softwares. We do not develop the softwares for the sake of competitive spirit but we develop it only after research on what users are exactly looking for when they face technical glitches while working.

  • Compatibility We guarantee that all the editions of any software developed for a specific application are all compatible. Be at its lowest priced edition or the latest produced edition, the softwares will work together flawlessly. All client-server versions of Windows Operating system support softwares installation.
  • Ease We guarantee that our softwares are easy-to-use, automatic, and self - descriptive. Everyone from a home-user to an enterprise-user can be benefited by utilizing our softwares.
  • Performance We incorporate diverse techniques as well as features in our softwares to guarantee that the users are able to create best use of it with ease, through simple - graphical interface.
  • Support Our products preserve a unique standard for user-friendly procedure execution, still at any way of process, if users require any assistance from the technical support team then, 24*7 online support facility is available.
  • Affordable Any software from Turgs is a self-explanatory about how to continue with the manner. The well-described user-guide, free of cost demo edition makes it all easy for user to run any of the software.

Refund We follow the policy of 100% money back grantee and satisfy our customers. The users who are there in our customer list after utilizing free demo edition of software, for sure eligible for refund claim by following all our policy statements.

  • Our Vision With a rise in the count of cybercrimes that are taking place in the form of a rapidly growing widespread, we believe that with the joint assistance of our products and experts, we will help in wiping out cybercrime on a global level.
  • Our Mission To continue our efforts directed towards the development of more Turgs solutions in the near future for effective and unprecedented support to the domain of file conversion and digital investigations and user-friendly features supporting all those latest editions of technology.