Mechanism to Restore Outlook Emails from PST File Completely

admin | June 21st, 2017 | MS Outlook

Data disasters are one of the most intimidating situations a user can come across. When we talk about data disaster with respect to MS Outlook, the damage is usually done in Outlook PST file. Outlook repository, i.e. PST files goes on increasing day by day as new data is added to it. This large size of the database often makes it prone to corruption. In addition, there are other factors, which play a role in the corruption. In this blog, we will shed some light on the various reasons for data loss in Outlook and the procedure to restore Outlook emails from PST file.

Check infographic image to know the entire process in a simple manner.

Restore Outlook Emails from PST File Completely

Data Disaster in MS Outlook

Data disasters in Outlook happen if something goes wrong with Outlook PST files. These files store the entire data of Outlook like mails, contacts, journals, etc. and hence any issues in these PST files land Outlook in a non-working mode. There are various scenarios in which the PST file can get damaged. Some of them are:

  • If users are working with Outlook 2002 or below version (which rarely happens nowadays!), the main reason for the PST corruption is the increase in the size limit of the PST file. The PST file supported in Outlook 2002 and below versions are termed as ANSI and their maximum size limit is 2 GB. In case the limit is increased, PST is sure to get corrupted.
  • It happens that the sector of the hard drive, which stores the PST file, starts posing some issues. Due to this, the mails stored in the PST file are sure to get deleted from it.
  • Sudden power surge may land Outlook in an inconsistent state ultimately leading to corruption of the PST file.
  • Virus infection in the user machine can corrupt the PST file and in worst case scenario may lead to deletion of the entire data residing in the file.

How to Restore Outlook Emails from PST File

Since now we are aware of the reasons that often lead to corruption of PST file, hence care can be taken while working with or handling PST files. However, in case your PST file has already gone corrupted, the only solution is to recover the data and restore Outlook emails from PST file. For restoring the mails and to turn the PST file into a healthy state, you can take help of inbuilt repair tool to repair the PST file. Scanpst.exe is the tool that gets automatically installed at the time of Outlook configuration in user machine. The tool repairs the PST file and the user can extract the healthy emails from the file. However, the main disadvantage of using this tool is that it removes all the elements in the PST file that have gone corrupted. Hence, the tool increases the rate of data loss upto a very high level.

Restore Outlook Emails from PST File with External Application

Since the inbuilt tool does not successfully recover the entire data, hence an alternate solution can be adopted. One such solution is Turgs PST File Converter. The tool completely recovers the entire data from the corrupted PST File and stores it in a new and healthy PST file. The tool also ensures no data loss while the restoration process and hence is a sure shot solution for a complete and unhampered data. The application provides various file saving options to save the repaired PST file that includes EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, Zimbra, etc. The application is completely safe as well as secure to utilize without losing a bit data information.

Advantages of PST File Converter

  • Offers multiple option to store recovered data file
  • Previews the data before performing conversion
  • No Outlook installation is required for migration
  • Supports all Windows and Outlook versions
  • 100% secure way to execute the procedure

The Bottom Line

Restoration of data is quite important for the work continuity of Outlook data. To overcome from this, we have discussed the solution that makes easy for them to execute the process to restore Outlook emails from PST file.