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All-in-One MBOX to Maildir
Convert single or multiple MBOX files to Maildir file format

  • Batch option for multiple MBOX files.
  • Use MBOX files on Network file system.
  • Supports all MBOX supported platform.
  • Free preview to evaluate conversion rate.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

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* Download the latest and free version of MBOX Mailbox to Maildir converter wizard which is the best option to evaluate the software functionality and its conversion option. It converts first 25 mails from each folder.

Features & its Benefits - MBOX to Maildir Wizard

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Convert Multiple MBOX Files at Once

MBOX to Maildir Wizard is easy to use solution that easily converts single or multiple MBOX files to Maildir format at once. In just 3 easy steps, you can convert unlimited MBOX files to Maildir file format to access Mailbox items by using this highly recommended file format.

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Use MBOX Mailbox on Network File System

MBOX is a file format that is prone to corruption when it is used on Network file system. So, convert your MBOX mailbox in Maildir format and use on Network File system because it immunes to mailbox corruption. And, there is no file locking needed to work with this format.

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Ease to Locate, Retrieve, and Delete a Specific Mail on Unix

The main advantage of converting MBOX to Maildir format is that it gives you easy and fast option to locate, retrieve, and delete a specific mail from Maildir Mailbox format that can't be possible in case of using MBOX file format.

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Traditional MBOX Format to Newer Maildir File Format

Postfix and Dovecot supports two file formats MBOX and Maildir. It is highly recommended to use Maildir format because of its advantages and easiness. So, if you are still using MBOX file format then, get MBOX Mailbox data converted into Maildir file format. It performs batch MBOX file conversion also. The big advantage of using Maildir format with Dovecot is that users can easily create sub-folders also.

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Convert UNIX Mailbox to QMail's Maildir Format

MBOX to Maildir converter is a simple program that is developed to convert mail stored in UNIX Mbox format to QMail's Maildir file format. It is very useful program if you have a lot of users to convert their Mailbox to Maildir format because it easily supports multiple file conversion in just few steps only.

MBOX to Maildir Wizard - Complete Solution

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How to Convert MBOX to Maildir File Format?


Check screenshots to know about the conversion options.

Select Files to Generate Preview

Step 1 : Run MBOX to Maildir Wizard and Browse Multiple Files.

Check Preview of Loaded MBOX Files

Step 2 : Check Free Preview of MBOX Files with the Tool.

Select Destination and Convert MBOX File

Step 3 : Click on "Convert" Button to Convert MBOX Files.

Product Guide

Download, intall and run MBOX to Maildir Wizard and browse single or multiple MBOX files.

Select Files to Generate Preview

Click on required item to check the preview and click on "Convert" button at the top of the screen.

Check Preview of Loaded MBOX Files

After checking file preview, select file destination and start the conversion process.

Select Destination and Convert MBOX File

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Product FAQs

Answer: Yes, MBOX to Maildir Converter Wizard is a direct option to convert your all MBOX Mailbox's items to Qmail's Maildir file format. You just need to select and upload MBOX file and click on "Convert" button to convert your complete mail's items to Qmail's Maildir format.

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