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Free Tool to View MBOX Files

Free Utility to Open, View, and Read MBOX Files of 100+ Email Applications

  • Open multiple MBOX files from any platform at once.
  • Supports MBOX File of Mail Copa, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Mac Mail and all other email based applications.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Free Download

* Download free file viewer to view healthy/corrupted MBOX files. Easily supports all MBOX files created in any email platforms like Thunderbird, Eudora, Mail Copa, Mac Mail etc.

MBOX File Viewer – Features & its Benefits

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Portable MBOX Viewer to Read Files

The MBOX file viewer provides its users an ultimate solution to open and read MBOX files without any email platform dependency. Moreover, the files may be of any email client application that creates MBOX file in it.

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View MBOX Emails with Attachments

Software will instantly generate a preview of emails along with their attachment. A user can analyze the email attachments and then open them by double-clicking on each attachment file.

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Tool to View Error Causing MBOX File

The MBOX file opener is capable handling damaged MBOX file. It extracts data from corrupt MBOX file and then loads it on software panel. Therefore, users will be able view such MBOX files that causes error in email application while working.

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Complete View of Email Headers Information

By default, the Windows MBOX Viewer displays email header information in preview pane. If a user wants to view MBOX emails with its header information, then he can easily do this with help of our free utility./p>

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Automatically Load Emails of MBOX File

If you select a MBOX file from free MBOX viewer, then it will automatically extract and load all emails from selected file. This functioning of the product saves lots of time that could be wasted while selecting emails one-by-one.

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No Requirement of Email Client Environment

Neither Thunderbird nor any other email applications are required for working of MBOX Viewer. Moreover, MBOX file reader allows to open and view MBOX files in batch.

Check Steps to View MBOX File


There are some screenshots to know how it is easy to open and view MBOX file contents.

Download and Run Free MBOX Viewer

Step 1 : Download, Install and Run Turgs MBOX Viewer Viewer

Browse and Load Healthy/Corrupted MBOX Files

Step 2 : Select Single or Multiple MBOX Files

Click on Required Mail to Get its Free Preview

Step 3 : Click on Required Item to Generate Preview

Product Guide

Download, install, and run Turgs MBOX Viewer.

Download and Run Free MBOX Viewer

Get options to browse single or multiple MBOX files. "Add File" and "Add Folders" are the two options to browse single MBOX file or full of MBOX folders.

Browse MBOX File to Load Contents

Check complete preview of MBOX items in software preview pane such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Select Required Mail to Check Contents

Product FAQs

A: Such type of error generally occurs in Apple mac mail due to corruption in MBOX file. Although the software is Windows-based but you can view corrupted MBOX files of Apple mail with following strategy:
  • Take a pen drive (or any other external device) and transfer MBOX file of Apple mail in that device
  • Connect the pen drive to computer that is having Windows OS and also having this Free MBOX file reader installed on it
  • Now just go through the viewing procedure of the freeware and then finally you will be able to view corrupt MBOX file with our software.
Yes, you can read MBOX file of any size with help of our utility. There is no file size limitation appended with our software. Moreover, the tool guarantees that speed of loading large size files will be faster than any other free viewer products available in the market.
A: Yes, you can view only particular emails by specifying any one of the four searching attributes available in this utility. You just have to mention Subject/To/From or body field of the desired mail that you want to see with Free MBOX File reader for Windows.
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