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Free Download MHT File Viewer

MHT File Viewer – A Free Tool to Open and Read MHT Files

  • Software supports to open multiple MHT files at once.
  • Generate complete view of MHTML files with no time.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Free Download

* Download the free demo version of MHT viewer to view MHT files created in GNOME Web, Safari, Access NetFront, Vivaldi, Konqueror or Firefox et. This is the completely free tool to open, view, and read MHT files.

MHT File Viewer – Features & its Benefits

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Free MHT File Viewer Application

Now, to view and open MHT file format, no need to be depended on web browsers as Free MHT Viewer do this task effectively for users. MHT or MHTML file format stored data will be now available at user mouse tip.

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Search, Load and View MHTML Files

While browsing, loading and opening MHT files, users involvement is limited to making the choice of MHT files to be viewed. Once the MHT files are selected, it's all easily processed. Preview MHT files by selecting the files from the MHT Viewer software panel.

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Batch Viewer to Save Time & Effort

Users are provided to load single MHT files or folder full of MHT files at a time to make it quicker and easy to view MHTML documents. Batch of MHT files can be loaded and opened with the help of advance MHT Viewer Freeware.

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Free of Cost Tool to View MHT File Anywhere Anytime

MHT File Reader Free Download will help user to be independent of native applications that support MHT files. MHT File viewer can easily open and preview any number of MHT files without any error.

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Complete Support to View MHT Files from Various Apps

Internet Explorer & Google Chrome generated MHT file as well, those generated by GNOME Web, Safari, Access NetFront, Vivaldi, Konqueror or Firefox etc. are supported by the MHT Viewer to open and view its content.

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View Entire Content Available in MHT Files

MHT file elements in the form of audio files, images, text, animation, flash, java etc. can be viewed once the tool successfully load and process the MHT files. MHT File content without any alteration will be exhibited in the preview panel.

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Excellent MHT Viewer Freeware for Investigators

Users who lack any supportive application to open and view MHT file, can download this tool to satisfy their need to view MHT file successfully. MHT Viewer will be helpful for digital forensics investigators as it is a standalone tool to open, view and read MHTML documents.

Check Steps to View MHT File


Check step by step procedure to open and view MHTML files without any suppporting application.

Launch MHT File Viewer Tool

Step 1 : Download, Install and Run MHT File Viewer

Select File or Full of MHT Folder

Step 2 : Load Single or Multiple MHT Files

Click on Items to Read MHT Contents

Step 3 : Click on Items to Check the Preview

Product Guide

Download, install, and run Turgs MHT file viewer application.

Launch MHT File Viewer Tool

"Add File" and "Add Folder" are the two ways to select MHT file. For multiple MHT file, it is recommended to use "Add Folders" option.

Select File or Full of MHT Folder

In this step, you just need to select the required item and get preview in left pane of software.

Click on Items to Read MHT Contents

Product FAQs

A: You can download MHT Viewer Freeware and open MHT file in any Windows OS. Tool supports MHT file generated by any web applications.
Yes, get freeware to view MHT files and then load any number of MHT files with you to the software. You can easily view and read MHT files for free.
A: Yes, MHT Viewer is designed with the ability to view MHTL or MHT file format.
A: MHT Viewer software is the best choice for you. This tool not only allows to load batch of MHT files but also open and view MHT files of user resolving the trouble of opening individual files.
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