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Open and View EML Files for Free

Supports EML Files of Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora, and other email applications

  • Option to open and view multiple EML files (with all properties) at once.
  • Supports all EML supported platforms to open and view EML files.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Free Download

* Try the free EML viewer that easily open single or multiple EML files at once. It provides you preview of EML file contents in software pane to view and read.

EML File Viewer – Features & its Benefits

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Open and Read Outlook EML files

Free EML File Viewer allows users to view email files without any mail application installation. Therefore, one can read EML files without Outlook too. Well, it shows all the metadata properties of a mail and its attachment on its pane.

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Supports EML file of Any Mail Client

Free EML file reader is capable of handling EML files that are generated from Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc. Moreover, it also allows a user to view EML files of Gmail and Hotmail account on its panel.

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Two Ways of EML File Selection

There are two ways to select EML file:

  • One File At A Time: While browsing file in freeware, a user is allowed to select only one EML file at time of browsing it.
  • A Folder At A Time: If there is a folder having hundred or more EML files into it, then you can select that folder, which will render you a way to load all EML files in batch.

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Automatically Load EML Files

After selecting a folder that is having EML files into it, software will automatically load all the files on center screen of EML file viewer. Moreover, it will also denotes the total number of emails that were contained within the folder.

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View Complete Email Header in Preview Pane

The EML reader freeware automatically load the Emails header in software pane such as to, cc, from, subject etc. By default, the viewer shows data in complete manner.

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Preview EML Files with Attachments

The EML file viewer is designed in such a way that a user can view attachments appended to an email file. The software displays the file extension of the attachment and thus an ease to perform forensics.

Check Steps to View EML File Content


Check out screenshots to know the working process of software open and view EML files. Software supports all platforms that generates EML files.

Install and Open EML File Viewer

Step 1 : Install and Run EML File Viewer Tool

Load single or multiple EML files

Step 2 : Load Single or Multiple EML Files

Select mail and check EML preview

Step 3 : Select Messages and Check Free Preview

Product Guide

Download, install, and run Turgs EML Viewer.

Install and Open EML File Viewer

"Add File" and "Add Folders" option to browse single or multiple EML files from any email platform.

Load single or multiple EML files

Check complete preview of EML file with complete items (attachments, embedded images, etc.) and email's properties (to, cc, bcc, sent/receive date & time, etc.)

Select mail and check EML preview

Product FAQs

A: There is no specific location of EML files in Apple Mail. Well, if you wants to create an EML file then, you need to drag-n-drop a mail from Apple mail account to desktop and then you will find dragged mail file in EML format on your machine. Moreover, this method is also applicable when you want to save emails of Thunderbird in EML format.
A: From Gmail account, you can save an individual email message on hard drive having .eml file extension with help of following steps:
  • Open the message in Gmail account, which you want to save in EML file
  • Click on the drop down button, which is located on left side of mail message screen
  • From the drop-drown menu that appears in front of you, choose Show original option
  • Now press Ctrl + A and then Ctrl+C from your keyboard in order to copy the whole content of message
  • Minimize the web browser window and then open Notepad on your computer
  • Press Ctrl+V on the notepad screen, which will paste all your copied email data on text page
  • Go to File >> Save As option and then save the file as '(File name).eml'. Now, browse towards the location where you want to store the file.
  • Click on Save button and now finally you have saved the file on your machine that is from Gmail account.
A: Yes, EML file viewer software is developed in such a way that EML file of Hotmail account is supported by freeware. Moreover, the tool displays same data as of original one without making any modification in data.
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